Top Zoos in Chicago

•    The Cosley Zoo
The Cosley Zoo is specifically located over the 5 acres of native Illinois wildlife and exhibits of domestic farm animals. Not only that it has zoo amazement but as well as the seasonal concessions, washrooms, shaded picnic areas, and gift shops which tourists will truly adore. In this zoo, all of the paths are greatly suitable for handicapped individuals and strollers as to with the fact that all are paved using bricks.
•    The Wildlife Prairie state park
The wildlife prairie state park is 10 miles away from the west downtown of Peoria, Illinois.
In this place, you can seek out for animals which are called as the Illinois home especially during the ancestral years.
This park is the home for cougars, elks, black bears, waterfowls, bison, wolves, and other more rare animals. It measures about 2, 000 acre.
•    The Glenn Oak Zoo
The Glenn oak zoo is a home for over 100 species of rare animals coming from the different parts of the world. In this zoo, you can be able to seek out for actual and real-time sounds, colors, sizes, and appearances of several and various animals which you only see over the television and books.
This zoo is able to provide its visitors with day-to-day critter chats and sea lion programs.
It also has free-of-charge parking space and a swell as gift shops that sell exiting and unusual merchandise.
•    The Phillips Park Zoo
The Phillips Park Zoo is specifically located at the 1000 Ray Moses Drive Aurora, Illinois 60505.
This zoo has the inclusion of peacocks, turkeys, ducks, swans, reptiles, pot-bellied pigs, goats, herds, elk bulls, llamas, North American river otters, platinum red fox, arctic fox, fox, cougars, gray wolves, bald eagles and a lot more.
The zoo is open for the whole year round from 9 in the morning and up to 5 in the afternoon. However, it is closed during the New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, and as well as during the zoo’s thanks giving day.
•    The Serpent Safari
You can contact this place at 847-855-8800 and or email at It is specifically located at 6170 W. Grand Avenue, Gurnee Illinois 60031.
This stationary zoo for reptiles features giant and rare reptiles such as the:
?    Rare Albino Iguanas that weights about 250 pounce
?    Rare Albino Alligators
?    Nile Alligators
?    And as well as the ‘Baby’ which is the biggest snake all over the globe. It weights approximately about 403 pounces.
?    Cobras
?    Anacondas
?    Boas
?    Pythons
It also has gift stores that sell natural reptile products which you can buy and take home.

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