Off to Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears have the support of their loyal fans, coaches and staff and the anticipation that the remaining games will be opportunity for this great team to show everyone the stuff they’re made of that has won them much recognition in the past.

Remaining games for the regular season for the Chicago Bears includes home games against the Eagles, Rams, Packers and Vikings. Away games will be played against the Vikings, Ravens and the Lions. If the Chicago Bears can bring the heat like the reputation their city has for being windy, their competitors don’t stand a chance. Fans will be on hand rallying behind their Chicago Bears as usual, on that you can bet. The Chicago Bears started off the preseason with a close game against the Bills and most fans will tell you it was just a little bit of luck that caused the Bills to take home a win of seven points over the Chicago Bears because the games against the Giants and the Broncos in home and away games respectively. Fans will tell you that the Chicago Bears have been putting in a decent season this year but critics might argue the contrary.

Now, if you’re planning on attending any of these action-packed games at home where the Chicago Bears have put the roaring bite on the competition too many times to recall, expect to be pleased beyond reasonable expectations with Soldier Field.  It is very vital for you to make sure that you choose the right ticket booth.

Tickets to football games held at this venue are priced to suit virtually every budget and provide excellent sites from nearly every corner imaginable in this spacious location. Both the south end zone and north end zone are perfect for seating options for just two or a large group aimed to do plenty of cheering as the Chicago Bears run out onto the field at the start of a game. As a matter of preference for those who want to experience the game in a manner that lends itself to an unprecedented game day experience, there is no question that the Executive Suites provide some of the best seats in the house for taking in a Chicago Bears game.


Chicago Bears Items For Everybody

Collectors of bears have influenced their collection more deeply and are looking for Chicago Bears collectible items. They purchase real Chicago Bears merchandise including shirts, hats, jackets, jerseys, collectibles, tees, apparel, vintage gear, clothing, watches, memorabilia, tailgating gear, and women’s and kids gear. In fact, there are actually Chicago Bears items for everybody.

Chicago Bears is among the best loved baseball team ever and any Chicago Bears item can be a collectible for everyone who collects bears. The manufacturers of Chicago Bears items also come up with teddy bears that wear the Chicago Bears jersey that are appealing to Chicago Bears fans. When sold at novelty shops, these bears normally catch the attention of those that are collecting or are thinking of beginning their own Chicago Bears collection. It is also very interesting to note that other items that are ordinarily house ware and appliances have already been invaded by the Chicago Bears collection trend. You’ll find now drinking glasses that come using the designs of the favorite Chicago Bears players.

Chicago Bears is component of today’s way of life and the popularity of obtaining Chicago Bears collection result to other items which can be sold which persons can make use of and at the same time add to their display. What makes the Chicago Bears collection, residence ware, novelty wears, and teddy bears well-liked is that these are generally inexpensive. The treasures of these collections are the rarities which only occur when in a blue moon because chances are there would constantly be an item that’s obtainable in the novelty shops, souvenir shops, and stores due to the popularity of the Chicago Bears. These days, people who collect Chicago Bears items are extremely much into the teddy bears, particularly if they themselves collect authentic teddy bears. In addition, they believe that the personalities of the bears are accentuated with the Chicago Bears costumes, gears, and uniforms they come with. They get these Chicago Bears teddy bears and add these to their collection. So find your own way to be able to get the best and real Chicago Bears now!

The Needs to Experience the Fascinating Chicago Tourism

If you are seeking for the best place to take a tour or place to live in, Chicago is the answer. With a wealth of outdoor opportunities to explore, a sea of attractions to swim in and a treasure trove of experiences to be dug into, Chicago leaves no stone unturned to impress upon you, the tourist. While contemplating a vacation in this sassy cosmopolitan, be sure that you make no little plans. Given a multitude of interesting things to be done and intriguing things to be seen, only an extended stay does justice to the place. Its popularity as a tourist destination as well its importance as a center for international trade and commerce is far-reaching, and the numbers of visitors coming in are proof enough of that. Given the heavy traffic flowing towards the city, it isn’t difficult to find cheap flights to Chicago.

A city so fascinating, it looks great from every angle, nook, and cranny. Astonishing architecture adorns the entire face of Chicago and so do its warm and hospitable locals. Excitement calls out for you in many different ways, and that too, affordable ones. How about a guided tour of the city on foot or aboard a Chicago River Boat? You can even book a lakeshore cruise for a discounted price or opt for hopping onto a sightseeing bus; the ways and means to discover Chicago are aplenty. Comprising a diverse variety of attractions, the city caters to every desire, fancy and need. So, no matter whether you have left your kids with grandma and grandpa, have come here with your family in tow, decided to explore the city solo, are with your group of friends or happen to be an elderly couple, Chicago is adored by one and all.

Inexpensive options exist across all sections of tourism, be it sightseeing, accommodation, transportation, wining and dining, shopping or nightlife. Find a cheap hotel at a drop of a hat, visit the city’s many museums, art galleries and exhibition centers, points of ethnic and cultural interest, historical landmarks and heritage sites, parks and gardens as well as performing arts venues on a single-ticket, or enjoy the surrounding communities of Chicago for a very reasonably-priced group excursion.


Saving Big Bucks with Cheap Chicago Hotels

Are you planning to go a Chicago and don’t have any place to stay? Chicago is a fantastic city, but for good Chicago hotel deals you have to stay out of the sphere. There are inexpensive hotels in Chicago, and staying in these places will save you money. On the other hand, you really don’t desire to be wasting valuable time on your vacation by spending time on busses and trains, but rather be close to the heart of the city. You can find hotel deals at the Benedictine Bed and Breakfast by Benedictine Monks in Bridgeport. You can also consider the Villa Toscana which is a boutique hotel that is very reasonably priced. Seeking Chicago hotels deals at these hostelries will mean that you are sited within trouble-free reach of public transport, and just outside the downtown area.

Now, if you consider the Heart O’ Chicago, it is a motel, situated roughly nine miles north of the downtown area. Located in Edgewater, this retro motor lodge should not be effortlessly dismissed. The rooms are not that pleasingly ornamented, and it is a traffic heavy area, but you should not let this discourage you, this bare-bones motel provides free parking which is a total treasure, and staying here will make certain a great Chicago hotel deal, and also you will be staying near the shopping in Clark Street and Broadway as well as close to the bar hopping scene.

It is nearly unfeasible to locate cheap Chicago Hotels in high season. It is apparent that for money saving reasons you should visit in low season. Chicago has a well and reputable public transport system so this makes it trouble-free to book cheap Chicago hotels and commute, and still be only a few minutes away from the main attractions. In order for you to get the best Chicago hotel deals you have to stay away from the city center. Only in this manner, you can save a lot of money. It is also feasible to discover cheap Chicago hotels in low season. That is why you need to be picky and clever enough for you to find the best and cheap Chicago hotels.



Chicago Tourism

As our economy is facing fluctuation, we are starting to cut off our budget, and save the best that we can for us to survive. If you want to travel Chicago and see beautiful spots in this City, but you are in tight budget then worry no more as the solution is right in front of you. So, you really want to have a vacation despite the fact of not having enough budgets, still lend a time and money to make it happen. Here is the better solution to reflect at. The first thing to keep in mind is to choose carefully a destination. Surf the internet and surprisingly see different sites offering a complete package with you and your family to enjoy. Traveling and discovering new cities is an imperative experience that you should never be wholly deleted from budget. With so many fascinating cities just a few hours away by plane, it’s always feasible to discover a way to make it happen.

If you want to experience the fun and fascinated by the beautiful scenery of place Chicago is the best place to visit. In Chicago having two airports can be a great destination for those people searching for a bargain on luxury. Here are some guidelines for making the most of accessible Chicago hotel packages. Chicago is extremely different city with more fascinating spots to see, and it is an easy option for an enjoyable and unforgettable vacation.

Choosing an extravagance hotel in Chicago is trouble-free, and depends on the location and feelings you get out of the place. For those who are looking for a mixed experience, consider staying at a hotel in downtown Chicago, it will give you trouble-free access to everything the sphere has to offer. There are many places to go if you love night life. Form night to day, you will be certainly adapt their culture; Chicago place is definitely the best place for you to go and your family. Make to a point that you are dealing with the reputable sites flying over the Internet, and will not end into disaster.



Buy Chicago Cubs Tickets

The Chicago Cubs is a Major League Baseball team that is based and located in Chicago, Illinois. They are owned by the Tribune Company and managed by Manager Lou Piniella, whereas John McDonough and Jim Hendry serve as its President and General Manager respectively. The Cubs and the Chicago White Sox are the two major league teams that are located in Chicago. These Cubs and White Sox clubs are the chartered members of their respective leagues.

The Chicago Cubs are much admired baseball team in Chicago and their fans will take a trip just about anywhere in order to watch their games. You can buy Chicago Cubs tickets in many different packages in order to pay off the number of people in your party. There are single tickets that can be acquired along with group tickets so that you can get a better rate. There are a lot of websites on the Internet where you can visit in order to get a list of the scheduled games that are going to be played.

The Premium Ticket website is one website where you can go or surf in order to view the schedules along with purchasing your tickets all from the comforts of your home. You can view the exact dates along with the exact times that the games will begin. You will find the pricing of each game as well as season tickets if that is how you desire to purchase your tickets. This website makes it very handy and trouble-free for you to buy Chicago Cubs tickets for the exact games that you want to be there.

When you purchase Chicago Cubs tickets, the price will differ on where you would like to sit in the stadium in which the game is going to be played at, rather you want waiter service and services, rather you want field access after or before the game, and if you would want club access. It fundamentally all depends on how much money you are willing to spend in order to have a great day out at the ballpark. When you pay for the tickets online, you can have them sent to your address or you can have them put on hold for you to get it at the ballpark.


Top Zoos in Chicago

•    The Cosley Zoo
The Cosley Zoo is specifically located over the 5 acres of native Illinois wildlife and exhibits of domestic farm animals. Not only that it has zoo amazement but as well as the seasonal concessions, washrooms, shaded picnic areas, and gift shops which tourists will truly adore. In this zoo, all of the paths are greatly suitable for handicapped individuals and strollers as to with the fact that all are paved using bricks.
•    The Wildlife Prairie state park
The wildlife prairie state park is 10 miles away from the west downtown of Peoria, Illinois.
In this place, you can seek out for animals which are called as the Illinois home especially during the ancestral years.
This park is the home for cougars, elks, black bears, waterfowls, bison, wolves, and other more rare animals. It measures about 2, 000 acre.
•    The Glenn Oak Zoo
The Glenn oak zoo is a home for over 100 species of rare animals coming from the different parts of the world. In this zoo, you can be able to seek out for actual and real-time sounds, colors, sizes, and appearances of several and various animals which you only see over the television and books.
This zoo is able to provide its visitors with day-to-day critter chats and sea lion programs.
It also has free-of-charge parking space and a swell as gift shops that sell exiting and unusual merchandise.
•    The Phillips Park Zoo
The Phillips Park Zoo is specifically located at the 1000 Ray Moses Drive Aurora, Illinois 60505.
This zoo has the inclusion of peacocks, turkeys, ducks, swans, reptiles, pot-bellied pigs, goats, herds, elk bulls, llamas, North American river otters, platinum red fox, arctic fox, fox, cougars, gray wolves, bald eagles and a lot more.
The zoo is open for the whole year round from 9 in the morning and up to 5 in the afternoon. However, it is closed during the New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, and as well as during the zoo’s thanks giving day.
•    The Serpent Safari
You can contact this place at 847-855-8800 and or email at It is specifically located at 6170 W. Grand Avenue, Gurnee Illinois 60031.
This stationary zoo for reptiles features giant and rare reptiles such as the:
?    Rare Albino Iguanas that weights about 250 pounce
?    Rare Albino Alligators
?    Nile Alligators
?    And as well as the ‘Baby’ which is the biggest snake all over the globe. It weights approximately about 403 pounces.
?    Cobras
?    Anacondas
?    Boas
?    Pythons
It also has gift stores that sell natural reptile products which you can buy and take home.

Best Tips on how to seek Chicago’s Top Spots

During the times that you are thinking to travel on prominent tourist destinations in USA, then Chicago should really be on your priority lists.

Chicago has several and various attractions to offer which will certainly satisfy your interests especially when it is all about fun and leisure.

However, one thing that you will surely find it hard is the fact that you need to seek for the best spot in Chicago.

Posted below are some of the best tips on how to seek for the ultimate spot that will surely enable you to relish your stay in Chicago:

1st Step

ü  You should be able to buy a guidebook in Chicago

ü  This is the best medium for you to seek out for the top spots in Chicago

ü  Guidebooks provide you the history about the City and as well as the Map on how to get into certain destinations and prevent you from getting lost

ü  You can also get some free coupons if you really do not want to spend a single penny

ü  You can usually acquire free coupons in hotel lobbies

2nd Step

ü  You can asks some questions with the locals of the city

ü  The best people who could provide you the best tips in touring in a certain place in the local inhabitants of a certain place so ask questions as much as possible

ü  You can as well asks the front desk attendant of the hotel if you really do not feel like asking with the locals

ü  You can even asks other more hotel and restaurant personnel and employee for better information acquisition

3rd Step

ü  You can browse to the official website of Chicago

ü  The official site of Chicago has various lists of events, attractions, restaurants, and hotels.

ü  The site also has lists of various modes and also offers maps of the city itself

4th Step

ü  You can go through the web ravel forums

ü  These forums are the best places in the web wherein you can join discussions about certain types of topics that mostly pertains about Chicago

ü  Doing this can be intensely helpful most especially when you do not have friends or relatives in a certain place


Hotel 71: One of Chicago’s finest Hotels

In Chicago, Illinois, you can have an overlooking view of the Riverwalk at the busy-a-bee intersection of the Michigan Avenue and as well as at the Wacker Drive. The hotel building situates three blocks away from the river and of the amazing shops and is a half mile from the Loop central district.

Deep-purple sofas with leopard print backs, lobby furnished with custom-crafted, and the stainless steel façade. All of the aforementioned facts are the features and specifications of Hotel 71. This contemporary hotel offers print services through its 24-hour business center houses and three computer stations. This hotel also has a function hall which accommodates events in a very convenient way due to the fact that it has a total function hall space of 6,500 square feet.

Hotel 71 has a complimentary wireless web access through out the entire hotel building. It also has amenities for body builders and health conscious guests as it has a complimentary of 24 hours of fitness center which includes exercising equipments such as the free weights, yoga balls, weight training and cardiovascular machines, and as well as the magnificent views of the Chicago rivers as you go on your trimming body into a leaner shape.

Hotel 71 is a 39 story building which offers 307 contemporary guestrooms. Certain guest rooms of this hotel are furnished with golden beige checked covered coverlet beds and as well as the animal print lounge chairs. Its bathrooms feature granite topped vanities plus superior guest rooms which  features dark colored wood furnishings, chocolate brown lounge chairs and as well as the pastel fabrics. Guest rooms in this hotel are non-smoking area and have flat screen television features. The premier guest rooms include showers with showerheads and a well as the dual vanities and separate tubs.

All of the stated accommodations include coffeemakers and refrigerators. The average check-in age of this hotel is 21 years old while the maximum age exemption is 17 years old along with their parents or guardians and has no extra charge. If you wish to bring along your pets, the allowable number of pet is only 1 (one) and the maximum allowable pet weight is about 50 lbs.

Below are the certain deposits and fees which are charged by the hotel within the time of service, the check-in and the check-out:


  • Valet parking – $43.00 each day
  • Rollaway bed – $30.00 each night
  • Pets – $100.00 per stay and per pet


The aforementioned deposits and fees may not include certain taxes and are tend to change.

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